Our philosophy    

We give our clients the most especial products from this land, even those hard to find, we go the extra mile to get them specially for you.

The company    

Baztan Goxoki is a meating point for gourmets who highly appreciate the flavors from Baztan, Navarra and the Basque Country, and some other special products from other regions.

In Baztan Goxoki you will find the best products from the land, like cheese, spirits, ciders, jam, sweets, pacharans and a wide offer of wines from Navarra and other well known regions. We permanently make our best to widen the variety of genuine excellent quality products.

Who we are    

Marc Duch Navarro - Molins de Rei (Barcelona)

Marc Duch Navarro

Molins de Rei (Barcelona)

Gervasio Di Cesare - Miramar (Argentina)

Gervasio Di Cesare

Miramar (Argentina)



We are Marc and Gervasio, both passionate about the Basque culture in general, specially Basque culinary delights. After a few years living in these lands we have decided to open a “Delicatessen”shop, that we have called “Baztan Goxoki”. Baztan because is the place where we are and Goxoki because it means “tasty,delicious”in euskera. In spite of the shop’s mane, we do not limit ourselves to this area, but we also offer the best handmade products from Navarra and the Basque Country that make the pleasure of gourmets.

Our shop is located in the heart of Elizondo (Batzan) where we can assist you personally and recommend our products better.

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